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  • Guaranteed Payment
  • Bonus Pay
  • Promo Ads on Myspace/Facebook
  • Custom Set Lengths
  • Special Accommodations Available
  • Free Flyer Designs Provided

Why Can't Booking Shows Be Simple? It Can!

Clubs and other venues are often busy booking their big shows that feature larger touring acts. That's where Afton can help! We bridge the gap - by booking great local artists that venues don't have the resources to book on their own.

Start Booking the Shows You Deserve!

Afton's shows generally have a higher audience turnout than most local shows. We provide FREE promo tools for our shows - including custom flyers for each artist, web-banners, and even ads on Myspace & Facebook.

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Top 10 Reasons to Book with AFTON:

  • Booking is ALWAYS FREE for artists!
  • GET PAID for EVERY SHOW you book!
  • Book shows at the BEST CLUBS in town!
  • Book ALL-AGES or 21+ shows!
  • Suggest bands YOU LIKE to play your show!
  • NETWORK with other local musicians!
  • Use our PROMO TIPS & TRICKS Resources!
  • Our shows are a CO-PROMOTION Effort!
  • Shows available YEAR ROUND!
  • Just bring your gear & your fans - THAT'S IT!

Simple, Easy & Always Free!

Afton's booking services are always FREE for artists. Also, there are NO exclusive or long-term agreements involved. You can always book other shows, whenever you want. You're never committed to anything until you "confirm" a show - and even then, your only obligation is for THAT ONE SHOW!